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Appleby Plumbing is Registered with the Cape Town City Council.

We are registered & carry the Permits too operate During the LOCKDOWN in South Africa.

Appleby Plumbing has the Drain Cleaning Specialist Equipment for all your BLOCKED DRAINS and anything that is blocked in your houses, flats, appartments, rental properties or your offices or commercial properties.

COVID-19 Pandemic

We are intent on keeping our business running and have implemented the following controls for all our staff visiting customers, be it in the residential or commercial jobs.

  • Staff to sanitise hands prior to entering every property.
  • Staff to sanitise hands after leaving every property.
  • Staff to make minimal contact with all surfaces where possible.
  • Staff to sanitise all taps touched with our special chemicals on Service Vans.
  • Staff to avoid physical contact with customers and suppliers.
  • Staff to wear gloves .
  • Staff to wear face masks or Ventilator Masks whenever possible.
  • Staff are too remain at least 1 2 metres away from each other or customers & Suppliers.

We offer a 24 Hours Emergency service, ready to handle any problem you maybe experiencing with your plumbing or electrical services. We know your time is valuable & that's why we are always on-time with a skilled technician to locate your plumbing or electrical faults. We carry on our vehicles the basic everyday stock items & if we need parts we locate the nearest suppliers to enable us to get your plumbing or electrics up & running 100% in the fastest service time, so we do to not disturb your guests or your family.

We always strive to offer the best affordable service and always on-time with the tools on hand for the best services in town.

Established 2006, now 14 Years and we would like too thank all our client's and new client's ahead for all your support of the years .

24 Hours Emergency Services 


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